Assessment Tools

TOOL  Weight  Date  Place
SAGE  Self Assessment Missed –                  5 pt. Penalty Weekly Automatic to your inbox
Graph skills  A word                    to the wise …  First week of class  See link
Homeworks  4@ 20 Points Each Handed out 1/23, 2/20, 3/20, 4/17  Class
Quizzes  2@ 70 Points Each Fridays: Feb 8th and Apr. 5th  Class
Micro Exam  1@140 Points Mon. March 4th @ 7:00-8:30 pm  HBC Gifford Auditorium
Macro Exam*  1@140 Points Thur. May 2nd @ 10:15-11:45 am *  TBA


Exams and Quizzes will NEVER be given early!

On all homeworks, quizzes, and exams put your name as it appears on your SUID 

* If you have a language exam conflict the alternative is 5:15-6:45 the same day – room TBA.