Economic Ideas and Issues: Strategy for Success

  • Do the assigned reading for the week, before the week begins.
  • Master the Objectives as you work your way through the reading.

Identify what you don’t understand.

  • Come to class.

As we go through the material, if you still don’t understand something … ASK A QUESTION!

Do not copy the PowerPoints into your notes!  PowerPoints will be on Blackboard after class so you can review them.  Don’t waste time playing stenographer.  Focus on:  Do I understand the material?  If you don’t:  RAISE YOUR HAND

Take efficient notes …  Notes that will help you (see link) to …

Remember key points

Remember why these points are key

Recognize the thread that weaves these points together.


  • If, after doing the reading, attending class, and reviewing the PowerPoints you still don’t get something, GET HELP!: Go to office hours and/or Supplemental Instruction.
  • Practice the graphs (form a study group and make up graphical questions for one another)
  • Make sure you’ve mastered the Objectives!