1) Attendance is EXPECTED. History has proven that success is VERY UNLIKELY without regular attendance.

2) Class Courtesy

A) Late arrival should be an exception. If it happens, please avoid disturbing the class.
B) Early departure should be an exception: Please: Only in an emergency or with prior consultation.
C) Early preparation for departure – Please don’t!
D) Talking – Please: with everyone (Ask questions! Share ideas!) or with no one (Let others listen.).
E) Cell phones – Please turn them off before class and before an exam

3) Email communication will be via your SU account. Note: Assignments will not be previewed or accepted via email.

4) Homeworks: There will be four Homeworks worth 20 points each. There will be no makeups.

The Homework sheet will be available at class on the day it is assigned. Homework should be done on the homework sheet. If you do not get one at class you can pick one up in the 316 Maxwell small hallway (off the main hallway). They are on top of the file cabinet to your right as you enter 316 Maxwell.

Homework must be handed in at class on the date due. Homework will not be accepted for credit after class ends on the date due. Homeworks will not be accepted for credit via email, nor will they be provided via email.

On Homeworks – only two questions, randomly selected, will be graded. Each will be worth 10 points.

Your lowest Homework score will be dropped and replaced by the average of the other three. Thus if you miss one Homework that score will simply be prorated. Any further missed Homeworks will be given a zero. Note: We will only grade what we can read when we read it, so express yourself and write clearly.

5) Quizzes: There will be two quizzes each worth 70 points. On each quiz there will be 8 Objective based questions (copied from the back of the book!) to complete. Each question will be assigned a value of 10 points. We will grade all 8 questions but will then drop the lowest score so the total points possible is 70. No books or notes will be allowed on your desk during a Quiz, only writing utensils.

6) Exams: There will be a Micro and a Macro exam, each approximately 11-13 questions long and worth 140 points. See the course homepage for example exams. No books or notes will be allowed on your desk during an Exam, only writing utensils.

7) A Missed Quiz or Exam will count as a zero except under certified extraordinary conditions. Certified extraordinary conditions are defined as academic, family, or health-related conditions, certified in writing by a physician or advisor, that significantly impair one’s ability to perform a required task. Makeup Quizzes/Exams are NEVER given early.

Making up a Quiz

If you miss a Quiz due to certified extraordinary conditions, you may take a makeup during the next available office hours.

If you have certified extraordinary conditions that justify a missed Quiz and can’t attend a makeup for similar certified conditions, you will be given an adjusted grade equivalent to your percentage on the subsequent Exam.

 Making up the Micro Midterm

The makeup for the Micro Exam will be the next morning at 7:30am in  Eggers 110.   If you have a scheduled academic class conflict with the Micro Exam, you should attend your scheduled class and come the makeup. You must contact me at least a week before the Exam to request a makeup so I can make arrangements for your makeup.  Any such requests less than a week before the Exam can be penalized by 10% reduction in your grade.

Makeup Quizzes/Exams are NEVER given early.

8) Picking up your graded material: All graded material (Homeworks, Quizzes, and Exams) can be picked up during TA office hours (See Here) once the grade is posted on Blackboard. Note: Very rarely, but on occasion, graded material is unaccounted for. If you do not find a grade for your submitted material on Blackboard you have one week from the date this assignment is posted to notify me of the problem. After that it will be counted as a zero. On all Homeworks, Quizzes, and Exams, put your name as it appears on your SUID.

9)“Syracuse University’s Academic Integrity Policy reflects the high value that we, as a university community, place on honesty in academic work. The policy defines our expectations for academic honesty and holds students accountable for the integrity of all work they submit. Students should understand that it is their responsibility to learn about course-specific expectations, as well as about university-wide academic integrity expectations. … Under the policy, students found in violation are subject to grade sanctions determined by the course instructor and non-grade sanctions determined by the School or College where the course is offered as described in the Violation and Sanction Classification Rubric. SU students are required to read an online summary of the University’s academic integrity expectations and provide an electronic signature agreeing to abide by them twice a year during pre-term check-in on MySlice.

“The Violation and Sanction Classification Rubric establishes recommended guidelines for the determination of grade penalties by faculty and instructors, while also giving them discretion to select the grade penalty they believe most suitable, including course failure, regardless of violation level. Any established violation in this course may result in course failure regardless of violation level.” (  )

Academic integrity is expected and required.  You must do all of your Homeworks, Quizzes, and Exams independently.  All materials submitted must represent your independent work.  If it is determined that you have violated this standard of academic honesty you can receive an F in the course.  On Quizzes and Exams all work should be totally independent.  On Homeworks you are encouraged to work together up to the point at which you commit your thoughts to paper.  Do your synthesis independently.  Do not give others your notes for preparation of Homeworks. This can lead to answers that are too similar with adverse consequences.

10) Appealing a grade: We do make mistakes. You should check to see that we graded your work, added correctly as we sum up the score, and gave you all the credit you deserve. We want you to get the credit you deserve! If you believe we made a mistake, you can and should appeal. However, no appeals will be discussed in person until the following appeal process has been completed: Write a note identifying the grading mistake and justifying your case that it is a mistake. Staple this note to the original graded material and hand these in for consideration. Your appeal will be responded to via email. If, after receiving the response, you would like to discuss the issue further, you are more than welcomed to do so in person. Appeals of errors or missing grades on any graded material must be submitted within a week after the grade is posted on Blackboard.

11) Incompletes will not be given except under certified extraordinary conditions. An appropriate petition must be submitted with any request for an incomplete.  You must be registered to receive credit.

12) Accommodations: If you believe that you need accommodations for a disability, please contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS),, located at 804 University Avenue, room 303, or call (315) 443-4498 for an appointment to discuss your needs and the process for requesting accommodations. ODS is responsible for coordinating disability-related accommodations and will issue students with documented disabilities “Accommodation Authorization Letters,” as appropriate. Since accommodations may require early planning and generally are not provided retroactively, please contact ODS as soon as possible.

13) Tutoring is available for a fee through the Tutoring & Study Center:

14) SU’s religious observances policy, found at, recognizes the diversity of faiths represented among the campus community and protects the rights of students, faculty, and staff to observe religious holy days according to their tradition. Students in ECN203 are provided an opportunity to make up Exams missed due to a religious observance after the date of the Exam (not early). For Homeworks due on a holy day, students are required to hand it in prior to the absence. For fall and spring semesters, an online notification process is available through MySlice/Student Services/Enrollment/My Religious Observances from the first day of class until the end of the second week of class.